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Why Your Portraits Belong on Your Walls

   If you have professional photos sitting on a USB or CD in a drawer somewhere, then this post is for you! Hard drives eventually fail; USBs and electronics have a definite lifespan. Unless you’re on top of cloud computing and make it a point to routinely backup your files online, there is a chance that those photos you’ve been meaning to print one day may expire before you ever get around to it.

A 16×24 print may seem diminutive on a large wall, but when paired with a large mat and simple frame, it fits the room nicely.

   Another option (a better option, in my opinion!) is to actually print those photos you have sitting in that drawer. I don’t mean jumping in the car, driving over to Walmart, and ordering a whack of 4×6 prints that will be looked at a handful of times only to end up in…a drawer. Who knows best when it comes to ordering prints? Why, that photographer who took those photos for you!
   I order all of my prints through a professional lab, where quality control is of the utmost importance and the paper is archival – meaning it is, in fact, museum quality. A few months ago, my mom found some of my grandmother’s childhood photos. At this point, the photo paper the images were printed on is almost 100 years old; but aside from some dog-eared edges, the images are flawless. Not faded, not discoloured, and I know for a fact that these photos were not properly stored over their lifespan.I turned the photos over, and guess what I discovered? They were printed on the same brand of photo paper that my pro lab uses. How cool is it to think that in 100 years, my great-great grandkids might be looking at photos that I’ve taken of my daughter?

When placed in a large, ornate frame, a 5×7 print can make a great tabletop piece.


   I know not all people are “wall art” people – I get that. Not everyone wants a 40×40 canvas of their children hanging above their bed. But there are so many other options for print products that there is definitely something for everyone.

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